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Carolina & Coppice Movements

by zakè

Cadence 05:10
Inundation 06:30
Descend 02:28
Wake 02:32


Set against the backdrop of an escape to hidden corners of the rural Southeast, prolific healing sound propagandist zakè presents 'Carolina & Coppice Movements'. Suffused with manipulated field recordings, each of these pieces reenact a moment in its composer's journey. These tracks represent a solemn yet joyful paean to seclusion, and the awe beyond our doors.


released April 23, 2021

All track written and produced by zakè
Tracka 1-4 mastered at Black Knoll Studio (US) by Rafael Anton Irisarri
Tracks 5-9 mastered at Schwebung Mastering (DE) by Stephan Mathieu
Photography, design and assemblage by zakè

‘Carolina’ was originally released by
Polar Seas Recordings (CA) as PSR-046, 2020.

‘Coppice Movements’ was originally released by
Zakè Drone Recordings as ZD-004, 2020.


© 2021 Zakè Drone Recordings
This is ZD-COMP01

◾️◾️◾️ REVIEWS

"Carolina & Coppice Movements isn't so much a case of exploring new territories as it is a convincing display of just how much can be done within a relatively strict conceptual framework. One of the joys of drone in forms tied to ambient electronica is the deceptive sense of depth - refrains often hang on a single central tone but float, glide and flow in a manner that creates textured soundscapes on such a huge scale images of mountain tops and big country wildernesses are rarely far from the mind's eye. zakè’s latest is a case in point, offering plenty of calm but complex scores primed for the self-reflective moments in time we spend considering the beauty of our world.”

-Juno Records


“Carolina & Coppice Movements is a gorgeous compilation of soft, thoughtful ambient music, right when many of us need it most.”

-Philip Sherburne, Pitchfork


"Carolina & Coppice Movements were recorded and produced during "a four-day excursion in several secluded areas" in South Carolina. As a result, listeners can expect to hear babbling brooks, birdsong and the gentle rustling of leaves beneath zakè's alluring mixture of enveloping ambient chords, unearthly drone tones, opaque electronics and slowly-shifting, heavily processed neo-classical movements. The results are hugely immersive and undeniably enjoyable, with each of the tracks delivering a head-in-the-clouds journey that ripples with becalmed, atmospheric intent. In other words, it's the kind of ambient music you can get lost in. More please!"

-Juno Records


"Carolina & Coppice Movements by zakè are a gentle tonal respite to the lush and warm woodlands of the south. The music evokes a sense of natural reverence and hushed joy beneath a canopy of vibrant processed field recordings. The soft ambient loops are like captured moments of elation, faded reruns ready to be to played back, revisiting those memories of quiet contentment."

-Tone Harvest


As the title and the cover of the album suggest, Frizzell focuses on the environmental ambiance inspired by his four-day exclusion throughout the Cherokee and Spartanburg counties of South Carolina. The sounds of low ambient drone mix with the captured sonic postcards of the flowing waters, singing birds, and swaying trees. Just listening to this recording while I’m writing these words makes me want to escape into nature, which appears to be thriving while humans have hidden away. Listened to at low volume, Carolina can serve as a perfect escapist tool from our current surreal predicament.

-Headphone Commute


​“Being from SC, one read through Carolina & Coppice Movements release description and safe to say I was going to be covering this one. Brian Eno has said in regards to ambient music, “it must be as ignorable as it is interesting” and Carolina & Coppice Movements is ambient in the truest sense. You can get completely lost in the sounds here or they can easily float by unaffected in the background, much like nature itself. It is your choice how to observe and interpret and zakè provides the perfect sonic backdrop for that to occur. When given your full attention, Carolina & Coppice Movements is a majestic and spiritual musical journey into nature and all its restorative powers.”

-Sound as Language


“Perfect calm listening, the antidote to fear in these troubled times.”

-pinpod, Quiet Space


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